FarmHouse entry, one of the best places to stay on Lummi Island

Nettles Farm Bed and Breakfast eggs on Lummi Island

Four Leaf Clover at Nettles Farm Bed and Breakfast on Lummi Island

Beautiful Grey Sulmthaler with hens, at the best place to stay on Lummi Island

Stella the Truffle Hunter on the beach



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Dining at the Willows Inn

Nettles Farm guests have the first chance to book open tables at the Willows Inn, 15 days prior to their requested reservation date. When you reserve your stay here at the farm, let us know that you want to reserve a table at the Willows. We will take care of it from there. Tell us your preference as far as the night, and we will try for that, but it may be another night of your stay. 15 days before your stay Willows will let you know your reservation night.

Here is the 2019 Willows Inn Schedule

Opening Friday, March 15

March 15 - March 24, Friday - Sunday

March 28 - April 28, Thursday - Sunday

May 2 - July 1, Thursday - Monday

July 4 - August 31, Open 7 Days

September 1 - October 28, Thursday - Monday

November 1 - December 15, Thursday - Sunday

Nettles Farm was created from second growth forest in 1992 by Riley Starks. Its long history of providing food products for farmers markets, restaurants, and grocery stores culminated in the founding of a true farm- to-table restaurant at the Willows Inn, in 2001. Everything that was grown and produced at Nettles Farm became ingredients for the restaurant, and sales elsewhere were stopped. A snapshot of that relationship can be seen in the thoughtful TV series, Deconstructing Dinner, in the episode on Eggs. Though he sold the Willows Inn at the end of 2012, there remains a strong bond between Nettles Farm and Chef Blaine Wetzel. A good summary of that time in our history can be found in Outside Magazine.

Stella the Truffle Hunter is pictured with me above. Stella was born July 18, 2014, in Sequim, WA. She is one of the rare breed called Lagotto Romagnolo, known to have been trained to hunt truffles in Italy since at least 1540. She is hypo-allergenic and is the oldest of all water dogs; the poodle and Portugese Water Dog derived from her stock. She has a sweet temperament, the most sensitive nose of any canine, and really doesn't have any negative attributes that I can find. We are in love! She and I are learning to find the hundreds and thousands of truffles that grow right here on Nettles Farm. Who knew??! At left, Stella finds her very first truffle!

Here is a new video posted on the Patagonia website, describing our Reefnet fishery.

At Nettles Farm, you have several choices for a true agritourism experience, and they start right outside your door. Here you can explore the exciting world of home and commercial chickens. During the changing seasons, expect to be able to harvest berries, fruits, some vegetables, and even the foraged plants that Chef Wetzel uses at the Willows. Nettles Farm is a magical place, where the everyday dramas of nature take place right before your eyes, in an environment of good air, good water, and good food: in short, good energy to revitalize and enrich your life.

Nettles Farm b&B

Our two rooms, the FarmHouse and the FarmHouse Suite, can each sleep at least 4 people. Both are set up for serious cooking. Reserve a room now!



Things to do


Moondance Sea Kayaking Adventures.

Moondance Sea Kayak offers guided foraging and other tours from Legoe Bay. Owner Kristi Kucera and her experienced guides have led hundreds of trips and will make you comfortable no matter your skill level. You will want to book with them a week in advance if possible, and let them know where you are staying. Ask for their special Sunset Paddle!

Whale Watching

Outer Island Excursions offers whale watching and other adventures on small boats that originate from Orcas Island. Owner Beau Brandow has an amazing success rate at finding both Orca and other whales, and may be able to pick you up from out beach.

Our beach is one of the best beaches on Lummi Island. The goats below are standing on a 75 million year old fossil of a palm tree. This fossil is accessible at a 2 foot or lower tide.

Nico (left) and sister Rosie play atop the fossil palm tree on our Lummi Island beach